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Electronic Medical Claims EDIVertiga EDI provides medical claims processing solutions for every size healthcare practice. We  assist at all levels to ensure that your medical claims go through  quickly and reliably, so you get paid quickly. Electronic Medical Claims processing doesn't have to be complicated or mysterious. Our electronic claims  transmittal service provides a busy practice with total service and  total support.

Our Electronic Health Records software is the perfect compliment to our VertigaPM Medical Practice Management System.

Our services include:

Electronic Claims
- UNLIMITED CLAIMS, no overages, no surprises!
Eligibility Verification - Determine patient responsibility before treatment
Electronic Remittance - Automatically update your accounting system
Claim Status - Know where your claims are at all times - no lost claims.
Rejection Analysis - Error codes translated into plain English
24/7 Online Access - Edit and correct claims 24/7 online
Printed Claims non-par claims automatically dropped to paper
Patient Statements - put your patient statements on 'autopilot'
One-on-one Support Staff - Personal claim support from billing experts
Affordability - Flat monthly fee for eligibility, all medical claim processing, and complete clearinghouse support

- Improve Revenue
- Increase Productivity
- Increase Reimbursements
- Shorten Payment Cycles
- Maximize Cash Flow

To speak with an Vertiga EDI Clearinghouse Representative Call: 1-877-377-9055

Vertiga’s EDI tools automate the key revenue drivers of your business to:
Improve revenue, increase productivity, and to increase reimbursements, shorten payment cycles,and maximize cash flow.

You may not be able to easily improve the 'allowable' for a particular procedure, but you can insure that you're operating at the highest possible efficiency to realize every penny from your hard work. Vertiga’s EDI department has a single driving focus - helping you realize the maximum possible reimbursement for the medical services you render. To accomplish this VertigaEDI provides an impressive lineup of revenue maximizing services:

Support Staff  - personal, 1-on-1 claim support from VertigaEDI staff

Affordable Price
(A one-time application processing fee applies at signup)

Processing medical claims through VertigaEDI will help you to:
mprove operational savings through increased efficiency 
Manage medical claims every step of the way 
Use technology to maximize cash flow 
Organize your medical billing and staff 
Use technology to enhance claims preparation 
Eliminate claim errors before they occur 
Identify and correct non-compliant coding issues 
Stay current with changing billing and coverage rules 
Shorten your overall reimbursement cycle

Improving the efficiency of your office frees up office staff to focus on treating patients, which if managed well can translate to increased revenue. Vertiga specializes in complete revenue cycle management, providing solutions that address every aspect of a practice's revenue cycle, helping you optimize reimbursements from both payers and patients.

Call Vertiga with any questions at 1-877-377-9055.

Payer List
Vertiga clearinghouse has one of the largest payer list in the industry and currently transmits electronic claims to over 1400 payers nationwide. Upon request Vertiga will add any health-benefit payer with an insurance usually within one week .

Eligibility Verification
Knowing eligibility upfront helps you eliminate extra billing and unnecessary A/R.
Vertiga's powerful medical billing software combined with cutting edge clearinghouse services brings a whole new level of intelligence and control to your staff that results in immediate operational savings and increased real revenue by helping you to provide patient care in accordance with a patient's coverage.

Electronic Remittance Advice
Subscribing to Vertiga clearinghouse allows the Payments & Adjustments in your Vertiga medical billing software to be automatically updated, reducing the time you spend updating your accounting.

Easy Payment Processing
Vertiga offers easy processing of patient payments via an online portal, or directly within the software (requires subscription to the appropriate merchant service).

Clearinghouse Support
No matter how good a service is, when you have a  problem with an insurance claim, you need prompt, knowledgeable support. Vertiga  combines technology with the highest level of customer service. Vertiga support staff understand the challenges you encounter each day and they are experts at both Vertiga Practice Management software and the clearinghouse technology. This means  'one call does it all'.

Best Value
If you consider the price/benefit of each clearinghouse, Vertiga offers one of the best dollar for dollar values of all premium clearinghouse services.


To speak with an Vertiga EDI Clearinghouse Representative Call: 1-877-377-9055

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