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Vertiga, Inc. announces:
 Medical Practice Management & Electronic Billing Software.

Our simple to use Electronic Medical Billing & Practice Management System is user friendly. A basic knowledge of windows has you up and running in an hour or less. Create a Patient Claim in less than a minute. Flexible user defined features. VertigaPM is UB-04 Medicare Billing Compatable

Electronic Medical Billing CMS 1500-form

VertigaPM Medical Practice Management & Electronic Billing Software allows you to quickly customize the most important features including scheduling, patient statements, fee rates, payments and adjustments. Electronic medical billing made easy.

- Useful easy to read reports.
- Clear attractive patient statements.
- Live Support
- Knowledgeable & experienced support staff.
- Low Cost Complete Multi User Electronic Medical Billing solution.
- Works with HL7 compliant EMR/EHR Systems
- For Windows XP/Vista/Win7

Medical Practice Management & Electronic BillingVertigaPM Electronic Medical Billing Software provides billing and scheduling software specifically made for medical primary care and other medical specialties including General Medicine, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Ear Nose & Throat, Gynecology, and many more. If you're looking for simple and effective patient billing management system, VertigaPM Electronic Billing Software provides an affordable network-able solution that contains all the financial, operational, and reporting elements needed to run a well managed medical practice. VertigaPm is also suitable for (DME) Durable Medical Equipment Billing

VertigaPM Medical Practice Management Software seamlessly integrates appointment scheduling, insurance claim billing, patient records, documentation, and reporting as well as built-in Clearinghouse integration

Call us Toll free at: 1-877-377-9055

VertigaPM- Practice Management & Electronic Medical Billing Software

Medical Practice Management & Electronic Billing Software


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VertigaPM  Practice Management & Electronic Medical Billing Software


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Bring In More Profits

Built in VertigaPM Tools

Categorizing Adjustments

Charges by Insurance Report

Claim Errors

Correct Payment Posting

Correctly Billing HSA's

Doing Medical Billing Right

Double Booking is a Good Thing using VertigaPM

Eliminate Billing Errors

EMR Lite

Exporting VertigaPM Data

ERA’s Save Time & Money

Get Medical Claims out Faster

Guarantee Your Income

Itemized Tax Savings

Itemization 3 Key Advantages

Import Patients Save Time

Insurance Deductables

Knowing Patients Better

Keep Patients Informed

Labels Save Time

Less No-Shows More Profit

Mailing thru VertigPM

Managing Collections

Maximize Patient Registration w/ VertigaPM

Maximize Profit Potential

Medical Billing Made Easy

Medical Charges by Insurance Report

Multiple Backups Can Avert Disaster

Need for Speed!

Patient Groups Stimulate Business

Practice Profitability

Practice Tax Information

Remembering Made Easy

Save Time & Money Billing Secondary Claims

Show The Money

Staying HIPAA Compliant

VertigaPM assists in HIPPA

VertigaPM Defaults save Time and Money

VertigaPM Speeds up Collections and Payments

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